The Beginning of our Story


We are a young and modest Cuban family residing in Miami, Florida. Just like all Hispanics, we have a love and passion for our traditional food. When becoming vegan sometimes we have to leave behind some of our favorite dishes and re-educate ourselves about nutrition.

Most of our recipes are geared towards attracting "Meat Eaters" to a healthier alternative lifestyle with foods that are familiar to them.  It is our mission to show the world how veganism isn't a restricted lifestyle, just a healthier and more sustainable alternative.



It all started with a desire to have all the delicious Cuban food without compromising the lives of innocent animals and the well-being of our planet. Our first recipe was created when we visited a non-vegan family gathering. It was to our surprise to see how everyone reacted to its delicious taste and questioned if it was really VEGAN. 

That same day, we discovered that not only vegan Cuban food can taste Delicious but also, that "Miami had no Vegan Cuban Restaurant". Not sure about you guys, but it sounded like we were missing a piece to the puzzle...

Then, the magic happened, something more powerful than us awaked inside and occupied our thinking and actions. We started to see the power in our mission and committed to bringing the Miami community the best Vegan Cuban Cuisine.